Union Hall Walks

Three Island Walk

Map Colour: Dark Blue

Distance: 10.2 km

Time:  2.5  – 3 hours

Difficulty: Moderate


Leaving the Causeway map board head towards the Fish Shop (2) and following the dark blue arrows walk through the village past (14) and (15) and at the RC church (16) take the left fork. At a junction turn right  to bring you to the old schoolhouse (21). Continue straight. At a fork take the left turn, passing Lough Cluhir (20) on your right. Continue straight ahead and you come to Myross Causeway (22) at the end of which turn left and walk along this quiet bird sanctuary.  At a right turn you have the option of following this road which ends at a pretty graveyard (23) with great views out to sea.  Turn around here and head back to the bird sanctuary. Turn R and you will soon come to Squince beach (24).  At the end of the beach head up the hill and round a few bends admiring the sea views. After a few more twists and turns you will come to a Y where you can take the Right and follow the boreen down to a pair of delightful beaches (25) and then retrace your steps to the aforementioned Y. Otherwise take the Left and follow the main walk up and down till you reach the old schoolhouse (21). Turn right at this crossroads and follow the road back to the village.


Map for this walk (dark blue) Points of Interest

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The five trails on this site are all on Public Roads. All walkers are responsible for their own safety. Please be mindful of traffic and obey he rules of the road. The Union Hall Walks Project does not take any responsibility for walkers on these roads. Please take extra care on the Red Ceim Hill walk and it’s optional extension which are both busy roads for the first ten minutes walking.